North Ave. bridge

I was too fast for my desired training pace I had to check myself. I had to take walk breaks, I stopped to take the above picture, and still, my Garmin put my average pace 15 sec/mile than my regular training pace. It was a nice cool morning, but my prep to get going wasn’t so organized. I forgot to buy a pre-run breakfast (usually a bagel with peanut butter and honey), my tea went missing,, I couldn’t find my hydration belt and took the “hand held” instead.

It was supposed to be 10 miles. Because I was mostly on the bench again this week trying to work out my knee issue, I aimed for 11 and ended up 11.5 because apparently I can’t figure out the distances going from south to north. I had it down to a science when I lived far north side and went the opposite way. Not so much after my hiatus.

Still, I felt good and bad at the same time. It was good to actually run at a faster pace over some distance. The con is I don’t know how much benefit it is to the overall training plan.

So.. what are your thought so far?
Fuck, you’re back? My thoughts? I think marathon day is going to be painful. That’s what I think. My lower back kills me after long runs because my abs are weak. I think I need to get more mentally tough. I think my boss asking me to come in for a workshop instead of taking my requested PTO after marathon Sunday is bullshit.

You seem to be stressed….
Wow, you’re preceptive. Along with all the rest of life’s crap, I feel unprepared for the marathon given all the pain. Also. I’m going on a much needed vacation in a week and going to try and keep myself in some kind of shape (when my plan calls for a 20 miler over the weekend that I won’t be doing) whilst enjoying myself abroad only to come back to taper time. So yeah.. I’m a bit worried.

So.. uhh… what now?
You’re a shit interviewer. What now? I can only do so much at this point and hope that it works out. I can work on getting mentally tougher, I can decide not to beat myself up if I need to run-walk parts of the marathon itself. I can start to forgive myself for getting older and not being in the same shape as I was 10 years ago. I can make a plan to get through it and forget about a time goal.

Will you, though? Forget about a time goal?
No. No I won’t. I’m competitive with myself and I won’t forget about time.

So, it’s a dilemma, I gather… (shit-eating grin)
Wow, you suck.