They’re bigger in real life.

My mid-day run happened to coincide with the Blue Angels practice for the Chicago Air & Water show. I was happily distracted by jet pilots flying “holy shit are you out of your mind!?” speeds & formations. I was so distracted I paid little attention to my watch except to hit pause when I had to stop at intersections.

I pulled out my phone to take a couple of pictures, but the glare was so bad I had to shoot blind; hence the masterpiece above.

I went east for a better view of the action and was not disappointed. I got so wrapped up in aerial acrobatics that I lost track of time. I was only on my lunch break and saw I needed to get back in a hurry. So, I literally ran for it.

Despite the necessary negative split, my stats showed I averaged almost a full minute per mile faster than I’d intended to run. I was glad for it. My tempo run the day before did not go well. I’d never really paid attention to what a tempo run was. Loosely translated into laymen’s terms. it’s “run faster than you normally would.” So, I guess mission accomplished!

I look forward to dodging gung-ho airshow fans early tomorrow morning on the path. But really, not really.