20190810_063517 (1)

Well, well. Here we are up with the sun on a relatively cool Chicago morning. See those? Those are clouds! For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was cruising along and getting some benefit from my run instead of just battling the heat and humidity. It still got tough, but taking the beating summer sun out of the equation made a big difference.

I went north around Navy Pier again this time avoiding the dreaded staircase. I texted my husband on the back leg of Navy Pier heading toward the lakefront path. He work up with me at 5AM and said he’d run the last half of the run with me. We agreed to meet at Fullerton, but the CTA had other plans. The buses were not running in any sort of regular fashion, so he was delayed, told me to make the turn-around and he’d find me.


On the way, I ran into a friend training for the Marquette marathon. We’ll call him “Rusty.” He informed me that he was two miles into his 20 and just pooped. It would’ve been weird if we weren’t by the bathrooms at Castaways (or runners for that matter.) What could I say? I congratulated him on his achievement and meant it. Better having the urge near a bathroom than stuck out on a run with nowhere to go! I mentioned I was doing 13.

“Baby miles!” he says.

They will be in a month, but right now I’m building.

I hit my turn-around point to head back south, I run into Rusty’s wife, we’ll call her “Gallo,” and she wasn’t having a great time of it. I’m not sure how I missed seeing her on the way up to the turn. I slowed and walked with her a bit, chatting about the run and trying to figure out where my husband would be. We said our good-bye’s and I wished her luck.

After some back and forth texting, the husband was able to chase me down on the path and we made our way back to Monroe. He said I looked “spry.” I kinda felt spry too. I felt so spry I forgot to refuel around mile 10. I started loosing gas a mile later and took every break (red light stop) on the way back through the loop. My new Garmin showed I was going faster than I should have the last few miles. It’s no wonder I needed those breaks.  In all, I’m pretty happy with this morning and looking forward to next week’s cut-back.