an on treadmill
Photo by William Choquette on

I’ve come to run on you again.
Because of heat now softly creeping
Even sweat while I’m sleeping
And the mileage that I will need to train
Still remains
Automated sounds of treadmills

In this heat I’ve run so far
On city streets while dodging cars
Nearly ran into a street lamp,
Tourists, strollers, and occasional tramp
When my eyes were stung by sunblock and dripping sweat
Am I there yet?
Missing the sounds of treadmills

And on the treadmill I did run
Going nowhere isn’t fun
Outside I could be getting tan
TV locked on ESPN
Running toward a point I’ll never reach,
I now can teach
The pros and cons of treadmills

“Folks” said I, “You do not know
How many miles I have to go
Hear my words I’m not going fast
Running up and down the lakefront path.”

And my sweat like silent raindrops fall
As I try not to curse all the treadmills

Outside I’m chugging Gatorade
That the folks at Fleet Feet made
The sun so bright in the morning
Beads of sweat are now forming

Hot weekday runs are done indoors
Foggy windows and plain gray floors
It really bores
Should I give up the sounds of treadmills?