It certainly wasn’t mine. I know it wasn’t mine because if it was mine, my lungs wouldn’t have felt so raw.

In this rare moment, I’m not going to complain about the weather or humidity level.

Tuesday’s group workout called for a ladder run. For those of you who don’t know, a ladder run is a build/rest model with an increase, peak, and decrease.

The plan was as follows:

10-15 min EZ run
10 min dynamic warm up
3 min at 5K pace, 2 min EZ
4 min at 5K pace, 2 min EZ
5 min at 5K pace, 2 min EZ
4 min at 5K pace, 2 min EZ
3 min at 5K pace
10 min abs (so much better than 8!)
10-15 min EZ cool down

And here’s how it actually went:

10-15 min apathetic jog
10 min dynamic warm up, “dynamic” might be an exaggeration here
3 min at run too fast! Holy hell why is everyone faster than me?! I must catch up!
2 min of regrets.
4 min at something slower than “holy hell” pace.
2 min of shuffling along wondering when this is supposed to get easier.
5 min at something that might be a 5K pace that feels slow. Why is everyone all the way up there ahead of me?
2 min of re-thinking my life choices and wondering what’s for dinner.
4 min of something faster than my long run pace, but definitely not a 5K pace.
2 min of trying not to walk, but failing.
3 min of variable faster and slower paces just trying to get this done.
Several minutes getting around the bend to to get to the abs workout location.
10 minutes of abs combined with trying not to fall down the little hill where I decided to park and blast some abs.
10-15 min of more regrets, but at least there was a cute dog to look at.

I’d say this is the part where training with a group worked against me. I was more concerned with not being the last person done than actually running my own pace. Also, I learned that the Tuesday workouts tend to attract the faster runners. Live and learn.

I’m glad I went. I think it was better to be out in the elements than trying the same thing on a treadmill. I threw some shade at Mt. Roosevelt”* on the way back from the workout. I hope it didn’t see. I need it to be nice to me come October.

*Mt. Roosevelt is a snarky nickname give to  the final incline/hill on Roosevelt Rd. before the turn on the way to the Chicago Marathon finish line. On a normal day, it’s a nuisance, just an overpass over the trains. After 25+ miles of running, it looms much larger. Thanks, Google Maps:

mt roosevelt