This is a weird running carrot.

I’d like to say that everything is going smoothly. The cold or maybe allergies or maybe humidity or underdeveloped cardio or maybe the extra pounds I’m lugging around or a combination of everything makes what should be an easy run seem like twice the distance.

It was was a humid day today, but cool. Pace group leaders couldn’t find their groove yet and neither could I. I was counting on them to check me into going slower, but it’s still a developing process. It’s not a bad thing at the start – these are practice runs, part of a bigger puzzle, and hopefully all the pieces will come together come October.

Things are weird. They’re going to be weird for another several weeks at least. I have zits in weird places. I tried to write a funny parody song about it, but it wasn’t very good:

Oh I got zits in weird places

On my shoulder blades not just my face it’s just not okay

It ruins my day

The thing I’m taking away from a training run is it that could have been better in nicer weather and that nothing hurt. I did not feel shin splints or pain in my soleus or in the little divot between my hip and my butt. I was running (ha!) late to meet up with my group this morning. I was a bit dehydrated by the end. I noticed my shoes were a little loose before we started, but I re-tied them. I felt like my pace group was annoyingly slow at times… but I think that means I found the right pace group.

So, what’s your pace?
I’m not going to disclose that. Old me would judge. New me says that it’s about getting your body trained on how much time you’ll spend on your feet and hopefully it won’t be that long come race day.

How are you going to handle hotter summer temps being out there that long? Doesn’t starting later bother you?
Yes! It does. But I know it has a purpose. When I was running on my own I left my place around 5:30AM to beat the heat as much as I could. I would get home, eat half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt for breakfast and take my dog to the dog beach to play for an hour or so and complain to myself how hot it was!
This group doesn’t get moving till near 6:45-7:00AM. It’s going to be brutal to train through the Chicago summer. However, the marathon has such a large field that I’m not going to cross the start line until 20-30min after the start. If it’s a hot day, I’m going to need to be acclimated as much as possible. I ran Chicago 2007… with a lot of friend support handing me ice along the way and it was still horrible. I hope to train in horrible weather so that I can “race” in the best.

So, what’s next for you?
Imaginary interviewer, you’re repeating yourself. Like Penelope, Schneider, and Elena, I’m taking it one day at a time. Love the trite! Embrace the trite! There’s a lot more where that came from. It’s only week two.

Last week I my husband promised bacon after my next long run.
I got bacon!
Not a euphemism.

Dirty birds.