I’d been running in some kind of stability shoes from the get-go. (Less so in my 4-year hiatus.) Wide feet, impossibly high arches, high instep. “Heavier” runner. My choices are limited.

Physical therapy changed and is still changing my foot strike. I got fitted with new shoes and walked away with a pair of neutral Brooks. I figured the aches of new shoes was growing pains, but they persisted alternating among my calfs, shins, arches, knees. They hurt during and after short runs an I couldn’t imagine what was in store for me once things got real.

The good thing about buying at a reputable brick and mortar specialty shop is their return policy. I was able to return the shoes and try another pair. I’m pretty anxious to try them out.

The fun part is I just came down with some awesome cold. I’ll have to wait. Nothing like Week One of training to already be behind the eight ball.